MIDI Controllers

Play instruments in your DAW, and really feel what you're playing. Our range of MIDI controllers includes our award-winning MIDI keyboards and legendary grid controllers.

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MIDI controllers

Novation MIDI controllers are versatile music production tools. They offer tactile control over software and hardware synths, with customizable knobs, pads, and faders. Ideal for producers and performers, Novation controllers enable intuitive manipulation of sound parameters, enhancing creativity and workflow in electronic music production.

What is a MIDI controller?

A MIDI controller is a device that generates and transmits Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) data to control other electronic musical instruments, software, or sound modules. It enables musicians and producers to manipulate sound parameters, trigger notes, and create music through a physical interface, such as keys, pads, or knobs.

What is the best MIDI controller?

The definition of the best MIDI controller will depend on your needs as a creator. We recommend checking out our FLkey and Launchkey ranges if you're looking for a MIDI keyboard, and our Launch range if you're looking for a pad or grid controller.