Nobody does synthesisers like we do. Radiohead, Massive Attack, Orbital, Nine Inch Nails, alt-J and Arca. That's just a handful of the artists who have used Novation synths. After all, we're the guys behind Bass Station and Supernova.

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Novation synths are renowned for their innovation and quality. Combining intuitive interfaces with powerful sound engines, they deliver diverse and expressive tones. Featuring analog and digital models, Novation synths cater to musicians and producers, offering versatile synthesis options that inspire creativity across genres.

What is a synth?

A synth, short for synthesiser, is an electronic musical instrument that generates and manipulates sound through various modules, such as oscillators, filters, and envelopes. It allows musicians to create a wide range of tones, textures, and effects, making it a versatile tool in modern music production and performance.

What is the best synth?

If you're looking for the best synth to meet your needs as an artist, you've come to the right place. Radiohead, Massive Attack, Orbital, Nine Inch Nails, alt-J and Arca are just some of the incredible artists who have chosen Novation. You're in good company.