About Us

We’ve always been on a mission to help artists sculpt and perform sound; to help electronic music makers lose themselves on an endless music-making journey.

Ever since the iconic Bass Station back in 1993, we’ve kept on playing our part, shaping the sound of electronic music. Maybe even music culture itself. From the ubiquitous Launchpad that has seen well over a billion YouTube views, to synthesizers behind the signature sounds of a constantly evolving musical landscape, we want to empower the creative minds that are shaping the music and art of tomorrow.

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We get that making music takes time. It’s a journey, and we’re focused on making that journey easy to start, yet endless in its possibilities. Your studio is your space to escape. To noodle, geek-out and play. To explore and lose yourself. With that comes a love for variety. The more tools we can bring together, the more immersive your space will be. So we embrace other innovators in the music tech space. Many we’re proud to call our friends. Working closely with Ableton (for over a decade now), Ampify, Elektron, Roland, Korg, Splice, Melodics and many more, all we want is for your creative space to be the most inclusive, cohesive and creative possible.

And we're not alone in all of this. We have several sibling brands focussed on the same thing, but in different ways.

  • Focusrite

    Focusrite make audio interfaces, and that's really all they do. It's the job of their audio interfaces to take care of your sound as it journeys from your mind to the outside world, and they’re the best in the world at making that happen.

  • Martin Audio

    Martin Audio have been uniting audiences for almost five decades with their awe-inspiring touring and installation loudspeaker systems.

  • Optimal Audio

    Optimal Audio, an initiative of Martin Audio, strives to enliven the rather traditional and unnecessarily complex world of commercial audio.

  • ADAM Audio

    Based in Berlin, ADAM Audio are precision innovators in the field of professional monitoring and loudspeaker technology, made famous by their unique ART ribbon tweeter.

  • Ampify Music

    Born out of the Novation team and based in Tileyard, King's Cross, London, Ampify Music challenge themselves every day to make some really cool music-making apps that are super accessible, yet extendable and deep.

  • Sequential

    Sequential was founded by legendary synth designer Dave Smith, whose industry accolades include co-inventing MIDI and designing the world’s first programmable Polysynth, the Prophet® 5.

  • Sonnox

    Sonnox is the leading designer of innovative, high quality, award-winning audio processing plugins for professional audio engineers. The expanding family of Oxford plugins quickly acquired a reputation for excellence among leading engineers worldwide.

  • Oberheim

    Oberheim introduced the world to the first commercially available poly synth and other groundbreaking electronic instruments. Now the famed Oberheim sound is brought to a new generation of instruments and artists.

  • Linea Research

    Linea Research designs and develops innovative professional audio equipment. With demanding technologies increasingly needed in modern audio systems, Linea are able to offer them all.