MIDI Keyboards

Our MIDI keyboard controllers range from mini keyboards with handfuls of knobs and pads, to professional controllers with arrays of touch-sensitive controls.

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MIDI keyboards

Novation MIDI keyboards offer intuitive music creation. With responsive keys and assignable knobs, they seamlessly integrate with software and hardware, enabling versatile control over virtual instruments and DAWs. Ideal for both beginners and professionals, Novation keyboards empower musicians to explore, compose, and perform with precision and creativity.

What is a MIDI keyboard?

A MIDI keyboard is a musical instrument that translates physical key presses into digital MIDI signals. It connects to computers or synthesizers, enabling musicians to trigger and control a wide range of sounds. It's used for composing, producing, and performing music, offering versatility and expression in electronic music creation.

What is the best MIDI keyboard?

What makes the best MIDI keyboard will depend on your needs as a creator. If you're looking to record music in FL Studio, we would recommend checking out our FLkey range, and if you're looking to record using another DAW or play live you should explore our Launchkey range.