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FLkey Mini and FLkey 37

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FLkey is Novation’s newest MIDI keyboard range, specifically designed for music production in FL Studio. 

Access essential FL Studio functions in an instant. Bring volume and pan controls off the screen and into your hands. Tweak your mixes, record automation with ease, and browse presets and plug-ins to change up instruments and sounds fast, with no mouse needed.

Available in the 25-key Mini model and 37-key model, with an included software bundle of instruments, effects and a 6-month trial of FL Studio Producer Edition, FLkey has everything you need to get started making beats fast and helps you stay focused on your music.

Take a look at FLkey Mini and FLkey 37 side-by-side in our comparison table below.

FLkey Mini

FLkey Mini

Connect with your music.

FLkey Mini’s compact size combines hands-on control of the most important FL Studio features with our best mini keys to date. Lay down beats fast in FL Studio’s Step Sequencer with the pads and play with real human feel. Always stay in key with Scale Mode and browse your favourite plug-ins and presets straight from the hardware. Put production in your hands and connect with your music. 

FLkey 37

FLkey 37

Make more of your music.

FLkey 37 gives you complete hands-on music production in FL Studio, with controls for FL Studio’s Step Sequencer, Channel Rack and Mixer. Adjust your mixes with the knobs and record automation on the fly with essential transport controls to hand. Scale Mode makes sure you always stay in key and three Chord modes let you play a range of chords with one finger. Unlock new creative ideas and produce more tracks effortlessly.

  FLkey Mini FLkey 37
Key Size Mini Regular
Keys 25 37
Screen No Yes
Pitch & Mod Touch Strips Wheels 
Pots 8 8
Pads 16 16
Note Repeat Yes Yes
Scale Mode Yes Yes
Fixed Chord No Yes
User Chord No Yes
Scale Chord No Yes
Channel Rack Pad Mode Yes Yes
Instrument Pad Mode Yes Yes
Sequencer Pad Mode Yes Yes
Custom Pad Mode Yes Yes
Plugin Pot Mode Yes Yes
Mixer Volume Pot Mode Yes Yes
Mixer Pan Pot Mode Yes Yes
Channel Rack Volume Pot Mode No Yes
Channel Rack Pan Pot Mode No Yes
Custom Pot Mode Yes Yes
Graph Editor Control Yes Yes
Preset Browsing Yes Yes
Play Yes Yes
Stop Yes Yes
Pause No Yes
Record Yes Yes
Quantise No Yes
Metronome No Yes
Undo No Yes
Redo No Yes
Score Log No Yes
Mixer Navigation Yes Yes
Channel Rack Navigation Yes Yes
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