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FLkey and Launchkey

Compare FLkey and Launchkey

FLkey is Novation’s MIDI keyboard range for making music in FL Studio. Available in Mini and 37 key models, FLkey has deep integration with FL Studio which streamlines your music production processes in the DAW. Combined with a range of inspiring creative features, FLkey is a powerful MIDI keyboard that gets you making more music in FL Studio.

Launchkey is Novation’s award-winning MIDI keyboard range. Available in Mini, 37, 49 and 61 key models, Launchkey’s powerful creative features and integration with Ableton, Logic Pro, Cubase and more provides creators of all abilities with an intuitive and easy-to-use keyboard for music production.

Have a look at the features that FLkey and Launchkey offer in a side-by-side comparison and find the right MIDI keyboard for your needs.


FLkey Features

FLkey’s deep integration with FL Studio makes it a prime choice for producers looking to take their music production to the next level. With essential FL Studio controls brought off-screen and straight to your fingertips, you can produce more tracks with ease.

Whatever the size of your studio space, FLkey has you covered. FLkey Mini, with 25 mini keys, easily fits into a backpack or on a busy desk, making it ideal for the on-the-go producer. FLkey 37, with 37 full-size keys, is the perfect balance of key range and footprint for any bedroom studio. FLkey 37 also comes with a screen, Chord Modes and additional FL Studio transport control.

When connected to the DAW, you can play your instruments and control FL Studio’s Step Sequencer with FLkey’s pads. Control volume and pan straight from the hardware. Find your favourite plug-ins, tweak your mixes, and use powerful creative tools including Scale Mode and Note Repeat to reach new melodic places. FLkey also comes with a 6-month trial FL Studio Producer Edition. Keep creativity flowing with FLkey.


Launchkey Features

Launchkey is a versatile MIDI keyboard, designed to give you everything you need to create and play your music. Suitable for creators of all levels, Launchkey’s creative tools – including Scale and Chord Modes and a powerful arpeggiator – help you get ideas started and push your sonic boundaries. Launchkey has standalone capabilities, perfect for any music-making setup, with or without a computer. Custom Modes enable you to control external hardware and software features.

Available in 25-, 37-, 49- and 61-key models, it’s easier than ever to pick the size that suits you. The 25- and 37-key models are perfect for mobile producers and performers, and tight setups. The 49- and 61-key versions are ideal for larger setups, and for those who want more keys, with greater hands-on control with faders and fader buttons.

Launchkey has seamless integration with Ableton Live, so you can get creating with ease, and within Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase and more you can use Launchkey to capture ideas on the fly, launch clips, and control the DAW right from the hardware. Launchkey also comes with a free trial of Ableton Live Lite. Unlock new musical potential with Launchkey.

  FLkey Mini Launchkey Mini FLkey 37 Launchkey 37
FL Studio Integration Yes No Yes No
Ableton Integration No Yes No Yes
Logic Pro Integration No Yes No Yes
Cubase Integration No Yes No Yes
Reason Integration No Yes No Yes
Pro Tools Integration (HUI) No Yes No Yes
Studio One Integration (HUI) No Yes No Yes
Reaper Integration (HUI) No Yes No Yes
Note Repeat Yes No Yes No
Arpeggiator No Yes No Yes
Scale Mode Yes No Yes Yes
Chord Modes No 1 3 3
Pots 8 8 8 8
Key size Mini Mini Full size Full size
Pads 16 16 16 16
Screen No No Yes Yes
Pitch & Mod Touch Strips Touch Strips Wheels Wheels
Keys 25 25 37 37
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