Find Your Sound - Journeys: Hip Hop

For our third journey we headed out to LA for a few days, to meet with some local producers, hang out with street musicians and explore the city to collect some sounds that we could use to create some beats and build a hip hop track.

We wanted to make an authentic hip hop track that represented the west-coast and LA’s dynamic cityscape felt like the ideal place to go and capture the sounds and work with the people that we needed to make our vision a reality. Having hung out with both Illa J and Tre Jinkins and captured sounds from Venice Beach, local street musicians and grabbed some records to sample from the world’s biggest independent record store, Amoeba Music, we started building the track.

“We’ve met and worked with many talented people, from street musicians to renowned producers, people who have generously shared knowledge, both musically and culturally, but also have shown us that collaboration is the key to a fulfilling musical journey.”

Watch our journey in the short film and then be sure check out the track in full below. You can then download the Ableton Live session packed full of sounds from the LA recordings, to experiment and create your own music.

Watch the hip hop doc:

Watch the hip hop performance:

Download Ableton session


The download above is approximately 800MB and you will need to make sure you are using Ableton Live Lite 10.1.3 or better. If you don’t have the latest version of Live, you can still download the file and access the .wav’s.

Download Electronica Session 

Download Techno Session