Launchpad and Logic Pro Live Loops

Logic Pro Live Loops and a MacBook

Live Loops

Live Loops brings cell-based looping playback and performance to Logic Pro. Launchpad works seamlessly in the Live Loops workflow, to provide tactile playability and colourful grid-based feedback.
Sketch of a Launchpad and notebook

Sketch Ideas, Fast

With Live Loops and any Launchpad, you can activate cells to experiment with arrangement ideas, and record your performances. Cells can contain one-shots, loops, MIDI patterns and automation data, and can be dragged-and-dropped or recorded live into Logic’s tracks area, to build song arrangements quickly.
The Launchpad range


Logic Pro 10.5 is compatible with all Launchpads except Launchpad Pro [MK3]. In Logic Pro 10.6, all Launchpads are compatible; just plug in and Logic’s Control Surface Setup window will appear to notify a connection.
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The Launchpad range

Launchpad X with Logic Pro - Custom Modes

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Launchpad X with Logic Pro - Arrangement View

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Using Launchpad Pro with Logic Pro 10.6

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Using Launchpad X with Logic Pro 10.6

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