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Sound Collective - Serato Sample LE

Our Sound Collective giveaway for February/March is a slick MPC-inspired sample playback instrument by music software specialists Serato.

A performance-orientated plug-in for Mac and PC in VST and AU formats, Serato Sample LE enables slicing, rearranging and manipulation of samples in real time. As well as downloading it for free in February and March, Sound Collective members can also take advantage of a 30% discount on the upgrade to the full Sample.

Upon import, Sample LE immediately detects the key and tempo of your sample – be it a short loop or a full track – and lets you change each independently using Serato’s legendary Pitch ’n’ Time timestretching/pitchshifting algorithm. But that’s only the beginning, as up to eight ‘cues’ can be defined within the sample, too, manually assigned to the eight pads in the GUI for on-the-fly triggering with your MIDI or QWERTY keyboard. Alternatively, use the Autoset function to have the plug-in ‘intelligently’ insert cue points for you, or switch to Keyboard Mode to map a single cue across all eight pads for monophonic or polyphonic pitched play.

Playback of each cue is processed using an array of editing controls. Set the length of a cue and switch it to one-shot or gated playback; use the Attack and Release parameters to shape its timing and dynamics; and dial in up to two octaves of pitchshift and/or +300/-75% timestretch.

The musical possibilities opened up by Sample LE are endless. ’Extract’ a drum kit from a full track by assigning cues to the kick, snare and hi-hat hits within it; map a single bass note or guitar lick across the keyboard and play new melodies with it; chop up a vocal for custom edits; or rearrange a loop in its entirety, live. Sample LE’s quick, easy workflow brings the spirit of old-school groovebox-style sampling to the modern DAW, and with Pitch ’n’ Time under the hood, the quality of its timestretching and pitchshifting is second to none

Sound Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell comments: “Our good friends at Serato have kindly made us a special version of their sampler plug-in – Sample. Sample LE is a very easy, very fun way to get creative with samples. Using its eight sample pads, you can chop, rearrange and create unique melodies, vocals and basslines, and more. As someone who dabbles in making hip-hop from time to time, I’ve really benefitted from Serato Sample. Their timestretch algorithm is still one of the best around, and it’s become a key part of my music making.”

Sound Collective members can download Serato Sample LE from their Novation account between 6th February and 9th April 2020, and claim a 30% discount on the full Sample, which adds 24 more cue pads, three additional Autoset modes, Velocity toggling, filtering, cue Reverse and volume control, multiple outputs and unrestricted BPM adjustment.

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