Peak v1.2 Firmware Update

18 months after the launch of the groundbreaking Peak polyphonic synthesiser, we’re proud and excited to announce the release of the Peak Firmware 1.2 update.

We’ve been listening to Peak users around the world, and Firmware 1.2 adds a number of your most requested features, as well as an all-new soundbank of 128 presets by GForce Software and a 50-preset soundpack by Patricia Wolf.

New wavetables

Massively increasing the range of Peak’s sonic palette, 43 new wavetables have been added to the oscillator Wave menus.

Additional modulators

Peak 1.2 adds two more freely assignable, non-voice-specific LFOs (bringing the total to four) to the Mod Matrix and new FX Matrix. Pitch-Bend is now also available as a modulation source, with Up (BendWhl+) and Down (BendWhl-) assignable as separate signals if required.

New Mod Matrix design

Workflow in the Mod Matrix is greatly accelerated with Peak 1.2, as sources and destinations are presented on the same page – no more toggling between them to make and edit assignments. And as a knock-on benefit, the Page button now enables quick access to all 16 modulation slots.

FX Mod Matrix

You demanded, we delivered! Peak 1.2 lets you route non-voice-specific modulation sources to Peak’s FX parameters in the new four-slot FX Mod Matrix. Now you can, for example, expand and contract a reverb with a rhythmic LFO, or automate delay time changes using an envelope.

New envelope features

And speaking of envelopes, Peak 1.2’s ADSRs see the addition of a Hold stage (up to 500ms) and the ability to loop between the Attack and Decay stages. For many, this gamechanging improvement alone will be reason enough to upgrade.

Initialise Manual Mode

Peak 1.2 gives you the option of maintaining the current positions of all knobs and sliders when the Initialise button is pressed, rather than resetting their parameters to defaults – ideal for getting instantly hands-on with new patches, and creating random ones from scratch. The previous behaviour can be reinstated in the Settings menu, of course, for those who prefer it.


Peak 1.2 also adds support for microtuning. 16 Tuning Tables can be edited and saved for recall within any patch, with Scala tables imported via Components and automatic note selection making MIDI note-to-pitch assignment a snap.

New presets

Available for free in Components, a new soundbank by GForce Software (128 presets) and a new soundpack by Patricia Wolf (50 presets) add 178 stunning new sounds to your patch library, showcasing the new features of Firmware 1.2, as well as the sonic power and versatility of Peak in general.

Reaching new heights of programming versatility and sound design potential, Peak’s 1.2 firmware update is available now as a free download in the Components content manger.