Launchkey [MK3] version 1.2 firmware update

Version 1.2 firmware update brings quality-of-life improvements to Launchkey. Download the latest update now via Components. 

The Play and Stop buttons will now send the corresponding Start/Stop real-time messages out via USB and MIDI when working outside of a DAW. If you're working with external gear such as sequencers and grooveboxes, this will be a welcome change. For Launchkey Mini owners, pressing Play once sends a ‘Start’ message and pressing Play again sends a ‘Stop’ message.

Controls will now light in response to incoming MIDI messages that match their assigned values, visually displaying their on or off states in response to incoming messages. Feedback is available for Pads (Mini, 25, and 37) and Fader buttons (49, 61, and 88).

You can now select which Fader, Pad and Port modes will be used when the Launchkey powers on so that you can instantly jump back into the action. This functionality is not available on the Launchkey Mini.

Download Launchkey version 1.2 now via Components

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