Build a Track in Ableton Live with Stefano Ritteri

During BMC 2018, producer Stefano Ritteri joined us in our Seminar Theatre to talk through how he uses Ableton to build a track from scratch.

Stefano Ritteri is a London-based Italian producer, with a collection of releases spanning the past 16 years under various monikers and for the likes of labels such as Dirtybird, Get Physical and Pets Recordings (…plus loads more). He’s known for mixing an eclectic range of styles whilst generally staying within a House and Tech world, using obscure samples and homemade synthesisers to help to create his signature sound.

Ritteri is a trained pianist and drummer AND works as a composer and engineer for TV and advertising (his biggest synch-gig to date was working on the soundtrack for the British Premier League) AND he has held a previous residency at Fabric AND regularly lectures at Universities and music schools - basically, he’s a super talented and very busy guy.

Despite that, Stefano found some time in his schedule and joined us at Brighton Music Conference 2018 to talk through his creative and song writing process. Using Ableton Live he used the seminar sessions to demonstrate how to write a song from scratch, with a load of his own production secrets thrown in and how he uses certain tools to help jump any creative hurdles for those times when musical inspiration just isn’t flowing.

Interested? Want to learn how to make a track from scratch in Ableton? Watch the full seminar below: