Ampify’s Premium Offering

What is Ampify Studio Premium?

For those who know Ampify, you may already know about Ampify Studio – the Mac & PC software – that was launched in April 2020. It’s free to get started, however with Ampify Studio Premium you can access all soundpacks (that’s over 9000+ sounds), audio export, the ability to have 64 sections and 32 channels in a project.

The Premium subscription is available in the UK, US and EU and is a rolling monthly plan.

So, what is Launchpad Premium?

Launchpad Premium is the subscription offering that unlocks all sound content — this means a lot sounds at your disposal (excluding Ninja Tune’s Artist Series), Pro Features for iPad owners and Audio Import for iPhone owners. New sound content is added weekly.

This plan is available in all countries that support the Apple App Store. There are weekly, monthly and annual plans for you to choose from.

What if I have downloaded both Ampify Studio and Launchpad?

If you’re based in the UK, US or EU you can get the most out of your money by subscribing through the Ampify website and Ampify Studio. Using the very same login credentials to login to Launchpad, you can access Launchpad Premium at no extra cost.

This does not work the other way round so if you have Launchpad Premium, you cannot get Ampify Studio Premium for free. This is because Launchpad Premium uses the Apple subscription. If you’ve subscribed using the Launchpad app and would like to know more about accessing Ampify Studio, please contact our support team at

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