Ampify Sounds: Sonnemm

For our 4th Pro Series we take a trip to the land of sunshine, music, Hollywood and avocados to link up with Peruvian born and LA based producer and musician Sonnemm to create hit hybrid soundpack ‘California Flow’.

Sonnemm has been intensely immersed into the world of music from a young age and fascinated with thoughts of ‘recording a moment’. From choirs to DJ-ing and sound design, he has been building a unique sound identity by combining Latino culture with the ever-evolving sound of pop and reggaeton. Now based in LA, he is focusing on working with many rising pop and R&B artists as well as with companies such as; Native Instruments, KRK Music and Warm Audio.

Sonnemm chose to embrace his culture, in this pack, by showcasing Latin percussion with traditional Peruvian instrument like the quena, cajon and Peruvian flutes. Infusing these instruments creates hot reggaeton beats with Californian rock melodies and feel-good soundscapes. With this soundpack, Sonnemm had the freedom to create the perfect representation of his life, culture and musical journey.

Elevate your tracks now with California Flow, a powerhouse for versatile producers, transporting you to a warm golden beach surrounded by vivid sunset landscapes. Explore Peruvian percussion and warm electric guitars balanced with driving synth melodies and punchy reggaeton rhythms.

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