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Novation London // Events

We're hosting a series of free events between October and December 2019, bringing together a handpicked line-up of artists and industry experts. Totalling 80 events, the series will feature live performances, DJ sets, workshops, seminars and hackspaces.

Browse the listings below and make sure you sign up via Eventbrite to bag your ticket. Keep an eye out, we're announcing more events every week...

Thursday 5th December - 1pm-2:30pm
Novation London // Learn: Synthesis - Hardware Synths in Ableton Live

Kit and James from electronic collective Dagga Domes take you through how they deconstruct a studio recording and prepare it to be played out live.

Thursday 5th December - 5:30pm-7pm
Novation London // Learn: Making Beats - Looping in Ableton Live w/-CALC-

Using MIDI controllers opens up a powerful world of creation. -CALC- will explore how using Ableton Live with a controller can add a totally new dimension to your beats and production, showing you the different ways to breath life into your beats and also an interesting technique with Ableton Live's looper effect to give you a totally unique sound .

Friday 6th December - 1pm-2:30pm
Novation London // Learn: Live Performance - Live Set Design

In this event, Novation's very own Alex Jann will show you how to get the most out of your live performances using Novation gear to help transition you from your studio session through to full live sets.

Saturday 7th December - 1pm-2:30pm
Novation London // Learn: New Creator - Introduction to Sampling

As a repeat from his previous workshop, Novation Content Creator, John Holt, gets you started with the world of sampling.

Sunday 8th December - 1pm-2:30pm
Novation London // Discover: Talks - Touring w/Tech: Building Reliable Rigs

MD, Touring Audio Engineer and all round tech nerd, Oliver Waton, leads a talk on getting the most out of your setup; identifying issues, and fixing the things that just don’t work.

Tuesday 10th December - 5:30pm-7pm
Novation London // Learn: Hackspace – Sequencing w/ Launchpad & ChucK

This seminar showcases Launchpad's versatility, demonstrating the possibilities that go beyond simple DAW interaction. The aim of the talk is to give an overview of how Launchpad can be used in combination with the ChucK programming language to explore the world of step sequencers.

Wednesday 11th December - 5:30pm-7pm
Novation London // Learn: New Creator: Get started with Ampify

Join the workshop with sister brand, Ampify, who will show you how you can get started making music with their products. The Ampify team are on a mission to making music more accessible and removing the barriers to creativity. With Ampify’s easy to use yet deep enough to master products, you’ll be making music in minutes.

Thursday 12th December - 1pm-2:30pm
Novation London // Learn: Synthesis - Expressive Sound Design

In this workshop, Danny Nugent (Novation) will teach you how to use Peak and a Launchpad X to create more expressive patches to play.

Thursday 12th December - 7pm-10pm
Novation London // Lates - GLXY B2B Unglued

For the first time ever, GLXY and Unglued are collaborating on their first B2B session for this intimate London performance, with opening set from DET10EIGHT. Join us as we experience a night of deep Drum & Bass sounds from the best in the business.

Friday 13th December - 1:30pm-3pm
Novation London // Learn: Live Performance - The Art Of Digital DJ’ing

Chris Trevethan and Novation's Mark Lowes are Trance DJ & Production Duo South Of The Stars. In this session they will demonstrate how you can create a cost effective DJ setup utilising Launchpad X. During this workshop South of the Stars will explain their processes when creating a gig ready project.

Saturday 14th December - 1pm-2:30pm
Novation London // Learn: New Creator - Getting Familiar with Live

As a repeat from his previous workshop on 19th October, John Holt, Novation Content Creator, gets you started with Ableton Live, showing you how to make a drum beat with a bassline/melody over the top.

Sunday 15th December - 1pm-2:30pm
Novation London // Learn: Exploring Launchpad w/Chuki Beats

In this session hiphop producer Chuki Beats will explore Launchpad using Ableton Live. Working with different DAW's he'll demonstrate how he implements Ableton Live with Novation in his workflow and how it allows him to take a different approach to the process of beatmaking.

Tuesday 17th December - 5:30pm-7pm
Novation London // Learn: Hackspace – SuperCollider Workshop

Novation's Julia Laeger once again presents a SuperCollider workshop showing use cases beyond Ableton, giving you an insight into an interesting music programming platform whilst having fun with MIDI.

Wednesday 18th December - 5:30pm - 7pm
Novation London // Learn: Hackspace – Creative Coding w/ Miri Kat

Novation's Maryam Katoon (Miri Kat) is an AV artist, hacker and designer working with algorithmic, open source environments to create immersive performances. This session is an introduction to Audio and Visual live coding.

Thursday 19th December - 1pm-2:30pm
Novation London // Learn: Synthesis - Exploring Summit w/-CALC-

In this session, -CALC- will focus on Novation's new flagship synthesiser, Summit, exploring the synth's powerful engine, the technology behind the instrument and how this can integrate into a full studio or live set up. We will also look at how additional controllers can bring an even stronger performance approach with the instrument.

Thursday 19th December - 7pm-10:30pm
Novation London // Lates - Animistic Beliefs (Live) w/Alex Jann (Live)

We provide an intimate setting for live performance and DJ sets from a handpicked line-up of both emerging talent and established artists. In this edition of Lates, we're joined by Novation's own Alex Jann (Censor) and Animistic Beliefs.

Friday 20th December - 1pm-2:30pm
Novation London // Learn: Live Performance - Live Programming with -CALC-

-CALC- explores his hybrid performance setup based on a combination of hardware synths and controllers for Ableton Live. This session will cover how to prepare your live sets for performance, exploring how each piece of gear plays its part, how it is all connected and routed as well as some useful tips and techniques to get the best out of your performance and set-up.