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We're thrilled to offer free content to help you inspire your students with engaging, hands-on music production activities.

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FREE and exclusive Ampify Studio classroom projects for middle and high school students written by Richard McCready, Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) expert teacher from the Howard County Public School System, MD. 

You also might qualify for:

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3 months FREE access to Ampify Studio Premium, with 12,000 royalty free sounds, more audio channels, audio import of your sounds, and more.

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3 months FREE access to Melodics Mac, Windows, and iOS music performance skill builder for Launchpad and Launchkey. 


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See Novation Products in the Classroom

Greenwich High School case study

Greenwich High School

Greenwich High School’s Electronic Music & Audio Engineering program builds on a foundation of musical concepts to teach the practical skills needed for a variety of music industry roles.


“If your kids want to make hip hop, even if you don't understand it­—or even like it—you still have to immerse yourself in it. What they like matters because that's when they're having fun!" - Barbara Freedman


Fort Hayes case study

Fort Hayes

Preparing students for the music industry with Focusrite.


“Tell people what music engineering can do that no other program can. Make it an end in itself" - Dr. Ruffin


Lawndale High School case study

Lawndale High School

Lawndale High School aims to develop students' critical thinking and interpersonal skills through diverse, culturally relevant, and research-based instructional practices.


"Music shouldn't be just one thing, instead of limiting students with narrow standards, they should gain the experience to understand what music means to them." - Luis Rodriguez