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Puremagnetik’s Lo-Fi Ambient Tools

Sound Collective - Puremagnetik’s Lo-Fi Ambient Tools

Lo-Fi Ambient Tools retail for $50, but Sound Collective members can download it for free from 3rd October to 5th December from their Novation account.

Our latest Sound Collective giveaway will be music to the ears of any producer looking to add a touch of evocative grit and movement to their tracks. Puremagnetik’s Lo-Fi Ambient Tools comprises three powerful plug-ins geared up for the creation of grainy – and, indeed, granular – textures, soundbeds, drones and more.

Aiming to replicate the effect of leaving tape recordings of vintage string machine (specifically, the Freeman String Symphonizer, ARP Solina and Mellotron) baking in the sun to near-melting point, Verv is a dual-oscillator synthesiser featuring a gorgeous ensemble effect, envelope and EQ shaping, and a stunning ‘degradation’ algorithm that simply has to be heard to be appreciated. Pastfabric, meanwhile, is a plug-in effect inspired by tape splicing and granular processing techniques with which up to ten seconds of buffered input signal is effortlessly transformed into a mad glitchy noise-scape, a scintillating ambience or anything in between. Finally, Fathoms puts a novel spin on pitch shifting with the integration of a randomly modulated delay matrix and a physically modelled reverb, turning any sound into a glacial soundscape or haunting, never-ending drone.

With their quirky-yet-intuitive interfaces, and every control helpfully described in the interface, these deceptively straightforward plug-ins take no time at all to get to grips with but pull off serious signal generating and processing acrobatics under the hood. Perhaps most importantly, though, they encourage experimentation, their carefully calibrated parameters interacting in all kinds of unpredictable ways.

“While they may not be known to some, Puremagnetik’s plug-ins are certainly deserving of a big reputation,” says Sound Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell. “Verv is a crazy concept, based on some old string synths but with a ‘Bake’ feature added on top – this makes for some beautiful lo-fi sounding tones. Pastfabric is something of a time travelling plug-in, reaching back into the past and bringing forward chopped-up versions of the incoming audio file to create super interesting ambient layers – a pure experimentation tool. And Fathoms is basically the ‘glistening pads’ cheat code that can turn almost any sound source into a beautiful, ambient soundscape. It works especially well with vocal samples!”

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