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Sound Collective has now ended. But don’t worry, we still give you all the great software to keep you making high-quality tracks. Register your hardware to access it all today.

Find your new sound


June’s Sound Collective community giveaway comes courtesy of UJAM, the forward-thinking German software house founded by Peter Gorges, Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams. From 6 June to 1 August, Sound Collective members can download UJAM’s Beatmaker EDEN plug-in for free, and take advantage of a 30% discount on the Beatmaker Hiphop-Bundle.


Beatmaker EDEN is a comprehensive and intuitive virtual instrument that enables producers of all ability levels to quickly and easily construct complete electronic drum tracks in perfect sync with the host DAW. Having loaded one of five included drum kits – each one comprising 16 instruments: kicks, snares, toms, etc – simply select any of 25 groove styles, then trigger 24 MIDI note-assigned song parts (intros, verses, choruses, fills, outros, etc) as required, using your Launchpad or keyboard, to build up your song. Alternatively, make your own grooves from scratch by triggering or programming the kit’s one-shot instrument sounds individually. Or combine the two approaches!


Per-instrument Volume, Decay and Pitch controls let you tweak the individual kit elements, while raising the mod wheel on your keyboard makes Beatmaker EDEN’s internal ‘drummer’ lower the playing intensity. Under the hood, a powerful mixing console shapes the overall sound, with six descriptively named presets (Stun, Laser, Solar et al) adjusting hundreds of parameters for a variety of sonic flavours. Filter and reverb effects can be used to work in sweeps, builds and drops, and the Kick Pump slider introduces sidechain compression.


For beginners to music production, and more experienced artists looking to get dance music beats together in a hurry, Beatmaker EDEN delivers superb-sounding drums and a wealth of ready-to-go patterns in a powerful interface that offers more in the way of customisation than appearances might suggest.


“I really like the concept behind Eden, an all in one sketchpad for ideas that you can quickly export as audio within the DAW environment,” says Sound Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell. “For some, this tool is powerful enough to write a full track with. For others, it will be a source of inspiration. For me, I really liked getting the individual sounds out and manipulating them further as audio files. The drums layout means that it also works great with Launchpads, as you can trigger individual sounds with each pad.”


Beatmaker EDEN sells for $49, but Sound Collective members can get it for free from 6 June to 1 August. Throughout the same period, they can also claim 30% off UJAM’s Hiphop-Bundle, taking in the bass music-orientated Beatmaker Hustle, and the hip-hop styled Beatmaker Dope.


Sound Collective is a community hub that brings you, Novation and the most innovative software brands together. If you want to find great virtual instruments and effects, keeping up to date with the constant stream of new releases is essential, and Sound Collective makes it easy, with regular free software downloads and generous discounts on high-end plug-ins. To join Sound Collective, simply register any Novation product, then look out for a new offer every couple of months. No one else works with software manufacturers like we do to bring you inspirational tools for your next production.