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Novation Education Tour 2019

Our stop at Germany’s musical stronghold: Popakademie Baden-Württemberg

As part of the Novation EDU Tour this year, we were excited to be invited to one of the most established musical education institutions in Germany.


Students at Popakademie Baden-Württemberg were invited to spend the day working with a couple of our product specialists at an interactive, hands-on “Sequencing & Synthesis” workshop.


During the workshop, attendees learnt essential techniques on a selection of our gear including Circuit and Mono Station. Each student sat at their own station which featured a different combination of Novation gear, allowing them to practice (and master) a variety of different setups. Further lessons in the workshop demonstrated more advanced skills to help them develop their sound using different synths, such as Bass Station II, MiniNova and Peak.


Popakademie is the only governmental college in Germany that focuses on degrees in popular music with the additional aspects of business and economics. The school combines creativity and innovation, providing students with a platform and opportunities that encourage them to really realise their full artistic potential.


Mannheim, where Popakadmie is based, is a city with a reputation for its high level of musical and cultural education, with a local mayor dedicated purely to the development of art and culture. Many cultural projects here are sponsored by the government and a whole bunch of artists from the music and film industry are connected to the town located in the south of Germany.