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Circuit v1.7

Even greater control of your groove creation – for free!

Even greater control of your groove creation – for free!


The evolution of Circuit continues, with v1.7 bringing some hotly-requested powerful functions, including Pattern Chain Sequences, Tied/Drone Notes and Synth Micro-nudge. Download the system updater here. Simply log in and connect your Circuit to your Mac® or PC running Chrome™ or Components Standalone.


Make songs


We've expanded what’s possible with the Patterns view, allowing you to now make complex sequences of patterns and pattern chains. There's a new Pattern Chain Sequence function, from which you can select up to 32 patterns and 16 chains of patterns in any order. You can repeat patterns and chains and build up your sequence, navigating easily between sequences. Toggle the append setting to add patterns and chains to an existing pattern sequence, even when playing.


Create Tied/Drone Notes


Each step now has a tie-forward setting, so it's now possible to tie notes together in order to create drone notes and long ambient pads.


Take your music off the grid


It's now possible to take your music off the grid by delaying notes on a step from one to five ticks (each step is divided up into six ticks). It's also possible to use Synth Micro-nudge to create new, more complex rhythms like triplets across the beat.


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