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Circuit Synth Editor

Circuit Tracks’ online synth editor interface has been revamped to give you easier and clearer usability when accessing and customising your super-powerful synth engines. Take a closer look at the new updates and see how they’ll help you get the best out of Circuit Tracks.

View output waveforms

Using the drop-down menu, you can choose the oscillator wave type from the Classic wave types and wavetable types. Having selected a wavetable type, you will be able to select the waves within the table using the Index control, and select the amount of interpolation between the waves using the Interpolate control. The graphic display of the waveform changes to reflect the output waveform, taking into account the Index and Interpolate controls.

Access the filter controls

By selecting the Filter tab, you can affect the frequency and resonance at the same time. You will also have access to Key Track, seven Drive options, oscillator bypass, and six filter types.

In-depth LFO & envelope editing

Set up your core modulators with ease in the MAIN tab, with visual representation for all three ASDR envelopes and two LFOs. Select from dozens of LFO waveforms, and dive deep with controls for Slew, Phase, One Shot, Sync, and more.

Easy Macro Mapping

Rapidly map macros to almost any control in the synth engine with a simple drag and drop. Each macro can control up to four different parameters at once, all with their own start and end points and depths. You'll have your patches ready for hands-on control in no time.

Maximum modulation

Create heavenly evolving atmospheres or tune-in total insanity with the flexible 20-slot modulation matrix. You're able to select up to two modulation sources for each slot, define the depth of the modulation being sent to the destination, and define where the modulation signal will be sent.

Easy-to-use editor

Circuit Tracks Synth Editor gives you access to all the parameters of Circuit Tracks' two synths. It's available for free at, perfect for getting under the hood of the whole Circuit Tracks synth engine. Simply log in and connect your Circuit Tracks to your Mac or PC running Chrome or Components Standalone.

Quick learning curve

Visit the Help tab in Components to learn more about the Circuit Tracks Synth Editor, or watch it in action here:



Head over to Novation Components to delve into Circuit Tracks' powerful synth engine with the fully redesigned online synth editor. Whether you're building patches from scratch or tweaking macro controls, personalising your sounds is a breeze.