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April’s Sound Collective community giveaway comes courtesy of renowned software development house d16 Group. From 4 April to 6 June, d16 are bestowing Sound Collective members with the full version of their awesome Nithonat drum machine plugin, and from 4 April to 4 July, they’re knocking 50% off everything in their online store.


Nithonat is a flawless and fully synthesised (as opposed to sample-based) software emulation of one of the grooviest drum machines ever built: the Roland TR-606. Launched in 1981 and a staple of original electro and hip-hop, the 606 was a smaller sibling of the legendary TR-808, beloved for its sound rather than its flexibility, as it only enabled adjustment of the volume of each sound. Loading as a VST or AudioUnits plugin on Mac, and a VST plugin on PC, Nithonat expands on the fundamental 606 design with a wide range of controls for tweaking and shaping every one of its seven constituent instruments – Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Low and High Toms, Cymbal, and Open and Closed Hi-hats – including Tune, Tone, Attack and Decay. Every instrument can be soloed and muted independently, too, and eight outputs let you route each one to its own channel in the host DAW’s mixer for processing and mixing if required.


Nithonat also improves on the 606’s internal step sequencer, boasting eight banks of up to twelve 16-step patterns each, an Accent lane, Tap mode, shuffle control, and a built-in randomiser for instant rhythmic inspiration. And with a sizeable collection of factory preset kits and patterns included, you can work those uniquely characterful 606 kick, snare, tom and metalwork tones into your projects in no time at all.


“This month we’re delivering a stone cold classic,” says Sound Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell. “d16's Nithonat is a no-frills (sort of) 606 emulator. The sequencer stays true to the original and the sound is about as legitimate as it gets. d16 are masters of their craft and they’ve captured the all the vibe and essence of the classic silver box in this plugin. They’ve even added a ‘creative randomiser’ that uses some great tech to help guide you on your creative journey into the world of drum programming!”


Nithonat sells for $99, but Sound Collective members can get it for free from 4 April to 6 June. From 4 April to 4 July, they can also avail themselves of 50% off everything else in the d16 store.


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