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Melodics Plug-In Offer

Get more from your Novation controller with exclusive lessons by Melodics!

Melodics is an innovative desktop app for Mac and PC that makes mastering your Novation controller easy and fun. Using motivational game techniques and instant feedback to achieve results fast, Melodics’ lessons are created by a broad range of contemporary musicians working across the gamut of styles and genres, from hip-hop and techno to rock and jazz. Since its launch in 2014, it’s helped over 200,000 musicians to develop their playing skills, and within five minutes of firing up the Melodics app, you’ll have something new in your performance locker that you can take straight to your next track.


Novation has teamed up with Melodics to bring Launchpad and Launchkey users a very special offer, including free lessons and huge discounts on Melodics subscriptions. All you have to do is download the free Melodics app, create a Melodics account and enter your promo code that will be available in your Novation account.

With that done, you can enjoy:


• 20 free lessons for each instrument

• 15 bonus lessons with the exclusive Launchpad Jumpstart and Launchpad Pro for Keys courses

• $25 off your first month, or

• $40 off your first year for an annual subscription