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Made to express / Novation

Launchpad and Launchkey have always been about expression.

Whether you’re a keys player, a rapper, or a producer, collaboration is at the heart of the experience. We’ve teamed up with up some incredible artists, each with a different visual collaborator, to bring you a series of videos and interviews that shows Launchpad and Launchkey like you've never seen them before.

Ikonika Mungo Novation

Ikonika + MUNGO

Using Launchkey Mini, Ikonika teams up with London artist MUNGO to present a series of uncanny urban scenes, using choreographed strobing to light up familiar objects and quirky staged elements.  Watching the video is like surveying a crime scene, MUNGO explains. “How did that quad bike get in the lake?”

Lord Apex Delphino Novation

Lord Apex + Delphino Productions

Rising rapper Lord Apex performs ‘Miyagi Blueprint’ (produced by V.Don) with Launchpad X, joined by new visuals from longtime collaborator Delphino Productions. Sacred geometry and spiritual elements blend with Apex’s characteristic demeanour, to form a melancholic vision that Delphino says “comes from a place of love”.

Novation x Ashley henry

Ashley Henry + AyChibs

Jazz artist Ashley Henry performs using Launchkey 37 and teams up with multidisciplinary creative AyChibs to create a cinematic audiovisual masterpiece in the four-walls format. The track is a tribute to the current culture clash in North London, superimposed on the colourful, mismatching visuals of VHS tape-warping and glitched symmetry.

Hannah Diamond x Novation

Hannah Diamond + Daniel Swan

Hannah Diamond performs ‘Fade Away’ with Launchpad Pro, backdropped by immersive visuals from collaborator Daniel Swan. Placed in the centre of the action, she experiments with a more spontaneous performance in a visual 3D landscape filled with imagery that exists somewhere between future and fantasy.

Thank you for watching. If you’re inspired, grab your tools and call a friend. Express yourself.


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