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Beats and Bytes - Desktop
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Beats & Bytes

Beats and Bytes is a series of Livestreams from Novation dedicated to empowering you to be better at the things you love to do. Whether you are looking to advance your synthesiser skills, learn techniques on how to be a better live performer or producer, or just watch a live performance, there is a Beats and Bytes stream just for you. Look at our schedule to find out which livestream you want to join and find us on the Novation YouTube channel.

Watch our past live streams

Beats and Bytes October

Introducing Launchpad X and the new Launchpad Mini

Watch our special Beats & Bytes streamed live from the Novation London Store to learn everything you need to know about Launchpad X and the new Launchpad Mini

B&B Desktop

Introducing Launchkey Mini [MK3] 

Tune in to see how the new and improved features can streamline your workflow.

Beats and Bytes ROLI

Peak + ROLI Seaboard RISE 25

We have partnered with ROLI to show how to use their Seaboard RISE 25 controller with our Peak synthesizer. Tune into the livestream to learn how to utilize ROLIs advanced MIDI capabilities to control the functions of Peak.

Beats and Bytes Placeholder

SL MkIII & Components

Learn how to map the SL MkIII to all of your MIDI controlled hardware and software instruments using Novation Components. We will talk through all the SL MkIII/Components functionality and show you how to create mappings and templates for quick access to your favorites.

Beats and Bytes Placeholder


Watch as we go live with the new Summit, 16 voice synthesizer. We will cover all of the unique features and answer your questions so you can get better acquainted with this new monster of a synth.

Beats and Bytes Placeholder

Launchkey for FL Studio

Take control of your productions as we show you how to get the Novation Launchkey setup with FL Studio and show you some tips along the way. Bring your questions so we can answer them live.

Beats and Bytes Place Holder

Launchpad for FL Studio

If you are an FL Studio user, then this is the live stream for you. Join us as we show you how to use the Novation Launchpad with FL Studio to improve your workflow and get the most out of your productions when using Launchpad as a controller.

Beats and Bytes Place Holder

Bass Station II 2.5

Come and explore the new Bass Station II features with the 2.5 firmware update. We will show how the new paraphonic mode works along with other features like micro tuning and envelope re-triggering.

Beats and Bytes Place Holder

Peak 1.2

Discover the new features of the Peak 1.2 firmware update. Come hear the new wavetables, see how we have redesigned Modulation Matrix, and bring your questions so we can answer them live.

Ableton live DJ

Ableton Live for the DJ

If you have ever wanted to perform live with a Novation Launchpad, this is the event for you. Learn the skills needed to create a fun and engaging live set.

Mini Me

Mini Me - Go mobile with Launchkey Mini and Launchpad Mini

Take your productions on the road with a tutorial on how to use Launchpad Mini and Launchkey Mini with Ableton Live.

The Basics of Synths

The Basics of Synthesis

Get the most out of your hardware or software synthesizers as we show you how to take control of your gear and use it to your advantage. Learn how to make dynamic drum sounds, booming bass, and screaming leads.

Beats and bytes letters

Get in Sequence

Learn the advantages of utilising a hardware sequencer for your productions and performances. We will also showcase the new features in the latest Circuit update, version 1.7.

Beats and Bytes TBC

Introducing SL MkIII:

Join us for a very special live stream where we will be demonstrating the features of SL MkIII, as well as answering your questions.

The Launch Control

Launch Control XL

A mixer, effect and instrument controller for Ableton® Live™. We will show you how to get connected to Ableton® Live™, and also how to use Launch Control XL with your MIDI controlled hardware.

Mini Nova


A powerful mini synth with polyphony, effects, and modulation control. Tune in to learn how to program the MiniNova, save your patches, and how to utilise the on board vocoder.

Bass Station II

Bass Station II

Powerful two-oscillator analogue monosynth with dual-mode filters, modulation, effects, step sequencing and more. You will be introduced to the sound of Bass Station II and learn how to build your own patch, including how to write in your own sequence.

Circuit Mono Station

Circuit Mono Station

A paraphonic analogue synthesiser with three sequencer tracks. Learn how to get started, hear how it sounds and learn about Circuit Mono Station's unique features.

Launchpad Pro

Launchpad Pro

A professional grid performance controller for creating music and light shows in Ableton® Live™. Learn how to get it up and running with Ableton® Live™, and how to build a workflow for the studio or the stage.



An eight-voice desktop polyphonic synthesiser with three New Oxford Oscillators for each voice. Tune in to hear the sounds and get a crash course in how to program your own sounds with features unique to Peak.



The essential USB MIDI keyboard controller for Ableton® Live™. Learn how to get connected to Ableton® Live™ and Logic Pro® X, and learn how Launchkey can help you work smarter and faster.



A standalone groovebox with two Nova heritage synths and a four-part drum machine. Learn how to get started with a simple groove, and follow along as we show you features from the latest firmware updates.