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To celebrate the launch of Summit, throughout August, September and October, we’re going to be releasing 1,000 patches suitable for both Peak and our new flagship synth from artists including Legowelt, Craig Williams, Lightbath, Hinako Omori, Emily Sprague and Shawn Rudiman, amongst many others.

The 1,000 patches comprise a vast and diverse library of basses, leads, pads, arps, FX and more that showcases the synth itself, as well as the skill and talent of some incredible sound designers – and they’re free, released in weekly sets via the new-look Components between the end of July and the end of October.

Mazoulew Desktop

001. Mazoulew

Mazoulew began his musical journey in 2004 after falling in love with Trip Hop and the art of sampling. Forever broadening his influences and research of different musical styles, appreciating all genres from Motown to Acid Jazz to Drum&Bass.

By working both independently and in collaboration with other artists all around the world, Mazoulew slowly evolved and refined his sound, exploring new possibilities and the fusion of musical elements.

Mazoulew continues to push the boundaries of organic/synthetic textures in his music, blurring the lines between what is real and what is man-made, creating a surreal universe that inspires and provokes the imagination of the listener. Elegantly hitting the sweet spot between personal listening and the dance floor, his music is the perfect companion for the traveler on the road, to the dance floor DJ.

Mazoulew crafted a pack of 50 presets for Peak and Summit.


Parallaxis Desktop

002. Parallaxis

Channelling the spirit of modern music, soundtrack, and sound design, the Parallaxis Pack delivers 27 unique patches ranging from ambient soundscapes to subsonic basses. Taking advantage of Peaks immense routing capabilities, these evolving patches integrate Modwheel, Animate, and Aftertouch in ways that are original and inspiring. Try experimenting with these elements in different combinations for evocative results - most sounds are not what they seem.

Tim Mantle Desktop

003. Tim Mantle / Psalm37

Tim Mantle / Psalm 37 has been designing bespoke sounds for synthesizers professionally since 2011. 

Over the years, Tim has produced factory sounds for the Dave Smith flagship synth, Prophet 12 as well as their Pro 2. He’s also contributed to and designed sounds for Korg, across Minilogue, iMono/Poly and Prologue. 

In Tim’s words: 
“When producing sound-sets the focus is simple, combine a few bread and butter bass/leads/pads - those that have laid the foundations of chart music for the last 50 years - alongside more progressive, modish and unique sounds. 

Whether the presets make a user feel empowered or emotional, the detail and quality of the sonics in each and every sound is testament to hard work, and the skill in understanding where each sound needs to go. Whether that's with the consumer in mind or when on-site studio programming is being provided. 

The bottom line is, each sound has to be playable and complement the producers mix.” 

Geosynths Desktop

004. GEOSynths

GEOSynths sound design  has been established since 2017 and is owned and managed by Jamie Morden.  With over 30 years’ experience within audio production, live performance and sound design, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Sound design has been the focal point for Jamie, especially in recent years, due to the revival of analogue synthesizers and the advancements within digital synthesis. Working out of his dedicated ‘sound design’ studio in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK, his setup consists of a wide variety of hardware synthesizers, from manufacturers such as Sequential (DSI), Novation, Roland, Korg and Nord. 

Matt Pike Desktop

005. Matt Pike

Matt Pike is a sound designer and music producer based in Brighton, UK. With a background in writing, producing, engineering and performing various forms of music, he now focuses on sample pack production (Loopmasters, Blocs Wave, Launchpad), music composition (BMG Production Music, Beds & Beats & Score Music Publishing), preset design (Novation Peak, Arturia DX7V, CMI V, Pigments) and wavetable design (Novation Peak, Arturia Pigments). 

With a sonic palette that ranges from intimate emotive lo-fi textures to slick, detailed and dramatic modern timbres, his preset and sound design work often features sounds on a spectrum between those two poles, while always carrying an inherent musicality at its core.  

In recent years he helped to develop and run “The Jumblies Project”, an inclusive interactive arts and education project in collaboration with a local SEN college, including developing an interactive audio system which enabled learners to use microphones, interactive lights and inclusive midi devices to control music, foley and spoken word content that the learner’s created. 

Matt has created 26 presets for Peak and Summit. 

Aneek - Desktop

006. Aneek Thapar

Aneek Thapar is an award-winning sound designer and music producer with a focus on the more experimental and innovative sides of electronic and contemporary music. 

Creator of bestselling sound packs for Ampify (Tundra, Lost Woods, etc.) and Loopmasters (Vibrations, Dramatic Cinema series, Neo Soul and more), Aneek uses everything from Eurorack, drums, guitar and FX pedals to double bass, found percussion and synths to create incredible works revered by publications such as Computer Music and Sound On Sound. 

As well as working for Ninja Tune and Coldcut, last year Aneek mixed a No.1 selling album and mastered records for the likes of 4AD, Erased Tapes, Ninja Tune, VLMV, Nova Production Music and more.  

Check his work out on including his track ‘Glow’ featuring his friend and collaborator - Rival Consoles (Erased Tapes). 

Aneek has created 27 presets for Peak and Summit. 

Tom Solace Desktop

007. Tom Solace

Tom Solace is a veteran sound designer for Ampify, FXPansion, Loopmasters. Starting out in Breakcore in the early 2000s and moving into Neuro Funk in the early 10’s, he’s now pursuing previously unheard forms of electronic music. 

Constantly reaching for new sonic landscapes, his music and sound design is intended to provoke deep and driving emotional forces edging on the surreal, cinematic and otherworldly. 

These patches mostly focus on motion and pushing the synth out of the normal spectrum of standard analogue sound design, while maintaining usability and coherence. 

Tom Solace crafted a pack of 50 presets for Peak and Summit. 

Peak Patches - Finlay Shakespeare Desktop

008. Finlay Shakespeare

Finlay Shakespeare is the co-director of the modular synth firm Future Sound Systems, and a recording artist for Editions Mego.  

In both areas of his work, he strives for surprising and unique sonic directions. His interest in synthesisers was born listening to his parents' record collection whilst growing up and, whilst learning how to use these machines, he started to explore the insides of the equipment too. During his teenage years, he began building his own noise boxes, selling circuit-bent instruments and eventually expanding into the world of Eurorack synthesizer modules, all whilst recording experimental, rhythmically driven electronic music.  

Technologically, his experiments culminated in the birth of Future Sound Systems, which today is his full-time effort alongside partner Jamie Neale. FSS pursue unusual methods of sound processing and production via analogue means, typically in Eurorack modular form. They’ve recently collaborared with Throbbing Gristle member Chris Carter, electronics wizard Roy Gwinn for the Gristleizer series of modules and Daniel Miller/Mute Records for the Makrow module.

This pack contains 26 presets crafted by Finlay for Peak and Summit.

Peak Patches - Hinako Omori Desktop

009. Hinako Omori

Hinako Omori is a musician and programmer based in London via Japan, with a love for synthesizers and anything that makes interesting sounds.

Hinako initially learnt classical piano from the age of 5, but her fascination soon turned to analogue synthesisers after meeting her college Music Technology teacher who became a mentor. She went on to study the Music and Sound Recording (Tonmeister) course at the University of Surrey, where she met some of her closest friends and collaborators who she has been very fortunate to work with over the years in various studio and live projects.

Hinako has most recently been touring and playing synths with James Bay, Kate Tempest, KT Tunstall, Georgia and Fionn Regan across Europe and the US, with festivals including Glastonbury, Primavera, Festival No.6 and support tours with The Flaming Lips, The Kills and Hot Chip. Aside from playing live/recording, Hinako also writes and produces, DJs with Georgia as G & H (the Too Tiny DJs) and manages record label Tape Club Records with her colleague and close friend Will Evans.

Hinako Omori created a pack of 28 patches for Peak and Summit.

Peak Patches - Craig Williams Desktop

010. Craig Williams

With limitless energy and a passion for all things underground, Craig Williams has quickly built himself reputation as a musical tour de force both behind the decks and in the studio.

Hailing originally from Australia, Craig grew up playing bass and began DJing and producing 11 years ago. Taking a wild detour from music, Craig spent several years working in the Australian Army. After his Army tenure came to a close, Craig held a residency at the popular Full Moon events in Queensland. With the desire to continue honing his music craft strong, he moved to LA, where he enrolled in the SAE Institute and earned a degree in audio engineering.

Craig's deft ability to produce both gritty banging electro and underground techno has opened many doors for him, with releases and remixes for notable labels such as Turbo, Motorik, Relief, Ghostly Int, Insomniac and many more. 2013 saw Craig release an EP with Bromance starlet Louisahhh!!!, as well as "Paradise," a Beatport-charting collaboration with Chicago luminary Green Velvet. With forthcoming releases lined up on Get Physical and Snatch!, as well as collaborations Zombie Nation, Tensnake and Kim Anh 2019 is quickly shaping up to be a breakout year for Craig Williams.

Peter Dyer Desktop

011. Peter Dyer

Peter Dyer is an LA-based keyboardist, producer, and sound designer, who has cowritten some of Avicii's and Flo Rida's biggest hits, including “Wake Me Up” and “Can’t Believe It”. He also writes and performs with: Aloe Blacc, Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, St. Vincent, Cam, AlunaGeorge, Niall Horan, D.N.C.E., Rita Ora, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Miguel, N.K.O.T.B., and Hayley Kiyoko.   
Peter’s mastery of sound has also led to consultancy work for Dave Smith Instruments, Moog Music, Strymon Effects, & Pioneer DJ, he has also scored ads for B.M.W., Chevrolet, Apple, and WWE.  He can also be seen playing keys in ABC's American Idol house band or playing in his own band projects Monogem and Rafferty.   

He is offering us a collection of 50 presets for Peak and Summit which reflect the diversity of his experiences and collaborations.

Peak Patches - Spencer Zahn Desktop

012. Spencer Zahn

Spencer Zahn the bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, released his debut album People of the Dawn in 2018. He has spent the last several years as an in-demand sideman and collaborator, touring and recording with artists from across a wide musical spectrum.

While traveling as a bassist and keyboard player, Zahn started recording synthesizer experiments in his off time. These experiments - musical snapshots of cities all over the world - became the foundation of People of the Dawn, an album that seeks to merge the chaotic wisdom of jazz improvisation with the warm pulse of electronica. He has since been composing music for a 2019 release featuring some of New York’s finest musicians.

Inhalt Desktop

013. Inhalt

Matia Simovich is a Los Angeles based musician, producer, and sound designer whose work is charactered by an elaborate use of analogue synthesizers and drum machines coupled with a full studio production style, often employing large format mixing desks, hardware FX processing, and a hybrid, tape + digital based recording process.

Matia has a keen interest in enabling underground aesthetics with a through and large studio production as well as championing independent music instrument manufacturers via his various sound design endeavors - Dave Smith Instruments, Oberheim/Sequential, Elektron Music Machines. You will find just that in this pack of 50 presets for Peak and Summit. 

He has also collaborated with Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream), co-produced and co-written on "Machines of Desire", produced the debut of SRSQ for Dais Records, and is a full-time, founding member of the electronic music group INHALT. 

Read more about INHALT and check out their Bandcamp

Peak Patches - Jinjé Desktop

014. Jinjé

Jinjé (aka Lee J. Malcolm) is the founding member and principal song writer of experimental Leeds-based band Vessels who have morphed into a maximalist live techno outfit, as evidenced by their last two albums - Dilate, released in March 2015 and The Great Distraction which came out on Different Recordings (PIAS) in Sept 2017. Lee also had a run of techno releases under his Lee J. Malcolm moniker for EPM Records.  

Lately, efforts have been concentrated towards his Jinjé project which, following on from the success of Amya (his first release back in 2014), has seen him move from strength to strength with many more releases on Messrs, Kick&Drum and a release on the mighty Ostgut Ton (the in-house Berghain label) with Big Skies which also had a vinyl release. With plenty of support from XLR8R and Nemone at 6music, 2019 has been another positive year including a return to Panorama Bar at The Berghain to perform live and having Jon Hopkins open up his Glastonbury set with I'm Psychic (released Aug 2019).  

With plenty more in the pipe line for release and performance, the incorporating of modular synthesis and interactive visuals into his live set, the rest of the year is shaping up to be an interesting one. Watch this space. 

Shawn Rudiman Desktop

015. Shawn Rudiman

Shawn Rudiman's love of electronics and synthesizers begin with an obsession in the early to mid-1980s with the electronic pop music of the day. Those influences along with Punk and an almost decade immersed into the creation of Industrial / EBM helped lead him to Detroit Techno and House music in the late 90s. After 20 years now entrenched in Techno production and a live performance history like few others, Rudiman's quest for new and different sounds has never stopped.

Analog, additive, wavetable, sampling and FM have become everyday aspects of life. The hunt for new sonic-abilities and forgotten or new machines is still always a priority, whether it is for live performance or studio use.

Rudiman’s aesthetic is one of efficiency combined with flexibility. It's all rolled up into an encompassing sound for your head and heart... As well as your feet. From blistering percussion and alien abrasiveness, to warm and welcoming ambience and textures.

Facebook SoundCloud
2Pole Desktop

016. 2Pole

With a debut EP on Christian Smith’s Tronic, the story of 2pole began and took off like a rocket. Their sound has been honed by a combined 40 years of studio experience, resulting in expertly crafted music that tells a story while igniting the dance floor. It’s also lit up the charts — their March 2018 single “Atom” on Tronic landed in Beatport’s Top 4 Techno charts, and had serious support from names like Adam Beyer, Tale Of Us, Pan-Pot, Matador, Sister Bliss of Faithless, and Cirez D. In May 2018, they scored another massive hit with “Alone” feat. Ursula Rucker on Coyu’s Suara. That track spent 276 days at #1 in Beatport’s Top 100 Techno chart, and spent weeks in the Top 10 Overall chart on Beatport, earning support from all big players of the electronic dance scene and has millions of self-made fan videos on social media.

Previously, 2pole had successful solo careers as Broombeck & Mark Deutsche, releasing hit techno tracks like "The Clapper“, “Mono Turn” and “Push” on labels like Terminal M, Elevate, Get Physical, Noir Music, Octopus, Last Night On Earth, Systematic, and more. They also played live or as DJs at exclusive venues around Europe like Berghain on the main floor, Amsterdam Dance Event, and Germany’s Cocoon Club. As 2pole, they’ve taken their energetic style to Barcelona’s Off Week, ADE, as well as Pratersauna in Vienna, Eden Ibiza, Suma Beach in Istanbul, and Ritter Butzke in Berlin.

Facebook     Twitter     SoundCloud

Synth4ever Desktop

017. Synth4ever

Synth4ever is a Canadian ambient artist, sound designer and electronic musician who performs live ambient electronica, synth demos and patch design via his popular YouTube channel

With influences ranging from Isao Tomita, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Vangelis, Ulrich Schnauss and more, Synth4ever channels his love for ambient chillout music into this diverse sound bank for the Novation Peak and Summit. 

This ambient pack features numerous spacey pads, lush soundscapes, grainy textures, melodic arps, cutting leads, motion loops and experimental SFX. Each patch also has tasteful aftertouch, animate and modwheel assignments to encourage further sonic exploration by the musician. 

In creating these patches, Synth4ever's goal was to push Peak’s hardware into new sonic territory by leveraging new features in the v1.2 firmware update. As a result, you will find many examples of modulated effects as an integral part of his patch design, and extensive use of the mod matrix to create vast morphing soundscapes.  

In his own words, he says: “I aim to create melodic sounds that are pleasing to the ear, which take the listener on a deep emotional journey through electronic music”. These varied ambient-style patches are a result of this vision and showcase Synth4ever’s creative approach to sound design. 

YouTube Twitter SoundCloud Facebook

Emily A. Sprague

018. Emily A. Sprague

Emily A. Sprague is a musician who was raised in the Catskill Mountains of New York. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she makes sounds for herself and for others. Emily’s approach to both composition and performance is a personal and spiritual one, deeply rooted in the communication of emotion through textures and tones.

SoundCloud     Resident Advisor 

Huston Singletary Desktop

019. Huston Singletary

Huston Singletary is the lead sound designer for preset creation at Ableton. He heads a team of sound designers that create the “sound” of Live. Over the years, Huston has done sound design and preset creation for numerous instruments, including Omnisphere, Prophet X, and so many more. We were excited when he accepted to explore Novation Peak. 

Huston is offering a beautiful and diverse collection of 61 presets for Novation Peak and Summit.



020. Sinevibes

Sinevibes is a boutique developer of innovative music software for Apple's macOS and iOS platforms. They offer inspiring new sound creation and manipulation techniques with beautifully designed user interfaces. Their founder is Artemiy Pavlov. His first love was sound design and he contributed to many factory preset banks of well-known hardware and software synths. 

With this Soundpack, Artemiy is offering us 50 presets for Peak and Summit.  

If you have not done so already, do make sure you check out Sinevibes plug-ins. We particularly love their beautiful reverb plug-in - Luminance! 

The 1,000 artist patches for both Peak and Summit will be released weekly between the end of July and the end of October with details added here for you to access via the new-look Components.